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Sustainable, for our planet.

Local, for our community.

As a consumer, you have seafood choices. Not all fish and shellfish available in today's markets and restaurants are good choices from an environmental perspective. Populations of seafood vary over time, both naturally and depending on how heavily they are fished. Some are in good shape due in part to good fisheries management, and those are excellent seafood choices.
Sustainable Practices
When you buy local you help sustain a local economy, support endangered family farms, protect the environment since local food doesn't travel far, and help safeguard your family's health. Local food is fresher, healthier, and flat-out tastes better.
Local Engagement

Fresh, for you.

Dine In

Our kitchen receives daily fish shipments that are never more than 48 hours from being caught and are usually ordered and eaten within another 24 hours.

All our meat and poultry is harvested weekly and sourced from local farms that do not use hormones, antibiotics or chemicals on their fields.


Our fresh fish is exactly that: fresh. We only offer in-season catches and never freeze anything we sell as fresh.

Similarly, our frozen fish is flash-frozen at the docks and stays that way until you take it home to cook it.
Fresh Handling Practices
Check Out This Week's Fresh Haul
Join the Weekly Catch - the list of all fish, shellfish, oysters, and meat available at the time of writing. It's usually sent out on Fridays and usually pretty accurate. We usually stand by this obviously very strong statement.
Get our Weekly Catch delivered to your inbox.
No SPAM, just fish. We promise.
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