Fresh Offerings

We keep it fresh each and every week with new shipments of fish, oysters, and shellfish delivered straight to us from responsible suppliers.

We also house-smoke tons of great fish in season with the Gildersleeve family recipe at the intersection of sweet-salty-savory. We likewise stock a great selection of pantry supplies like vinegars and condiments, plus ready-to-eat foods like tinned fish and seaweed.

PLEASE NOTE: All fresh products below were accurate at the time of their publishing (page usually updated on Friday); all are subject to change and supply. For best results, stop on in.

And now, on to the Fresh List...

The Fresh List

Last Updated: December 2, 2022


  • Ahi/Bigeye Tuna* — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Hawaii), Fillets
  • Arctic Char — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Iceland, Fillets
  • Black Cod/Sablefish — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon), Fillets
  • Branzino — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Greece, Whole Fish
  • Halibut — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon), Fillets
  • Kingfish* — Wild, Pacific Ocean (New Zealand)
  • Lingcod — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon)
  • Murray Cod* — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Australia
  • Ora King Salmon* — Sustainable Farm-Raised, New Zealand, Fillets
  • Petrale Sole — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon), Fillets
  • Rockfish — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon), Fillets
  • Steelhead — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Washington, Fillets
  • Striped Bass — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Mexico)
  • Sturgeon — Wild, Columbia River, Fillets
  • Swordfish — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Hawaii), Fillets


  • * = Sushi-grade fish


  • Baywater Indigo — Washington
  • Blue Pool — Washington
  • Chelsea Sapphire — Washington
  • East Cape — Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Hama Hama — Washington
  • Kokus — Washington
  • Sand Dune Select — Prince Edward Island, Canada

PLEASE NOTE: This website is updated once a week on Fridays and oyster varieties rotate quickly. For best results, just stop on in and check the oyster board.


  • Bay Shrimp — Wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon)
  • Hotate — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Japan
  • Lobster Tails — Wild, Maine
  • Manila Clams — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Washington
  • Mussels — Sustainable Farm-Raised, Washington
  • Scallops — Wild, Atlantic Ocean (Maine)
  • Shrimp — Wild, Mexico
  • Squid — Wild, Pacific Ocean (California)


  • Wild Oregon Bay Shrimp are frozen, precooked and peeled.
  • Shrimp are wild, frozen, responsibly sourced from Del Pacifico Seafoods. You can trace every box. EZ Peel or Peeled & Deveined
  • Wild Squid are harvested at sea in the Pacific, processed and frozen in California.
  • Premium Lobster Tails are harvested wild in the Atlantic Ocean and flash frozen to preserve top quality.
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