Casual Dining, Fine Foods

First come, first served • no reservations needed

From ceviche to poke, fish on a bun to fish and chips, seared scallops to oysters on-the-half-shell, our menu runs the gamut of thoughtfully-prepared, healthy, and sustainable dishes served in a casual COVID-responsible outdoor venue, heated and protected from our drizzly Northwest environs.

A note about our gluten free items:
While items marked gluten free are themselves gluten free, our kitchen uses only a single, shared fryer. This means that our GF menu is for those looking to generally avoid gluten, and is not suitable for customers with celiac disease.

And now for the menu...

Red, white, and bubbles.
(And sake, too.)


Brews on Tap

Our beers rotate weekly, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Nitro IPA
Gigantic Brewing

Pale Ale
Ferment Brewing

Ferment Brewing

Imperial Porter
Trapdoor Brewing

Helles Lager
Rosenstadt Brewing

Powerhouse Dry Cider
Bull Run

Oyster Menu

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

  • Baywater Indigo — Washington
  • Blue Pool — Washington
  • Chelsea Gem — Washington
  • Hama Hama — Washington
  • Hammersley — Prince Edward Island
  • Kokus — Washington
  • Netarts — Oregon
  • Tidepoint — Washington
  • Valley Pearl — Prince Edward Island
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