Shucked when you order 'em.

Fresh oysters. On ice. Every day.

This Week's Fresh Oyster List

Last Updated: February 26, 2021

  • Blue Pool — Washington
  • Hama Hama — Washington
  • Kokus — Washington
  • Kumamoto — Washington
  • Kumiai — Mexico
  • Mere Point — Maine
  • Netarts — Oregon
  • Shigoku — Washington
  • Summerstone — Washington
  • Tidepoint — Washington

Oysters especially are subject to change and supply.

We shuck thousands of oysters a week; from the rare Hoxie Cove to the standard Kumamoto, our daily menu is crafted to offer only the freshest and most divinely tasty and subtly delicate selection of oysters.

As one of only a handful of fresh oyster bars in Portland, we're proud to source our oysters exclusively from ​artisanal farms and sustainable fisheries.

Oysters are offered individually, or in mixed flights of 6 or 12. Here's to finding your first pearl!

Meet some of our suppliers...

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